Brief introduction of Cemented carbide roll rings

Brief introduction of Cemented carbide roll rings

Cemented / tungsten carbide roll ring has good wear resistance, high strength and good thermal conductivity. At high temperature, the hardness reduction is low and the thermal fatigue resistance is good. These excellent properties are far superior to other materials. It is widely used in the rolling production of high-speed wire rod mills, bar mills and deformed steel bars mills.


Material & Grade

We offer rolls and roll rings with tungsten carbide (TC) and PM steel.

There are two series of tungsten carbide grades: Conventional Wc-Co alloys for the normal use, and Corrosion resistant grade with Wc and Co-Ni-Cr mixed binder, which are used under unfavourable climatic and cooling conditions.

Both grades are of good Physical properties. The Transverse rupture strength can reach 2200 Mpa and impact toughness can reach (4-6)x106J/m².


Production process of cemented carbide roll rings